The Best Tricep Exercises

These tricep exercises need to improve your tricep.

Press on the bench purpose – to improve your tricep.

It is one of the favorite tricep exercises today. It is far better for most people than any other tricep exercises. Lie on the bench and put your slopes tightly on te floor to provide good stabilization of your body. Put an enough bar from the uprights or better ask your partner to help you to do it. Use narrow position of your hands, to provide the distance between them presumbly 5-9 cm. Holding your shoulders closer to your body, let bar go down to the chest (close to the abandon) and immediately press it with a maximum speed. If you are a beginner please use very light weights.

Tricep exercise on parallel bars.

Purpose – to grow the mass of the top of your tricep. Mike Metzner appreciates the tricep exercises very much. Begin with the unfolding og your arms, and legs put together below the body. Go down and at the same time keep your elbows very close to your body and then go up, you should repeat it as many times as you can. When you become enough strong to do 12-15 times you should use an addition weight by leashing the dumbbell for the special belt which was developed for this thing.

Unfolding arm with a dumbbell being leaned.

Purpose – to improve the top part of your tricep. This tricep exercises is also very popular among atletes – professionals. Lean toward to achive the position when your body is paralleled to the floor. Hold the dumbbell in your arm and try to stabilize your position by grasping something with another hand. Fold and unfold your arm at a steady pace, holding the body and the part of the arm near the shoulder paralleled to the floor. Also keep your eye on the position of your arm which must be close to the body.